Sunday, February 23, 2014


  • boom goes the dynamite gave up
  • Miller, Lamar MIA RB
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 5.03
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.04
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 5.06
Sat Feb 22-
At the same time my trade with boom cleared, another trade he made with Roughriders went through giving boom the 5.3 college pick. I quickly started sending boom offers. 
My aim was to leap frog Game Over at 5.4/5.5 of the college draft and land RB Mike Davis who he admitted was one of his top 4 college RB's along with Gurley, Yeldon, and Gordon. I proposed a couple trades and boom countered throwing in Miller. I am not a Miller fan, but he has just as much chance to breakout as any rookie I could have taken at 2.4. So, in return for the 1.12/2.1/6.12 picks, I netted Lamar Miller, Aaron Dobson, the 1.3/6.8 college picks, and the 3.7/4.4 rookies that may allow me to upgrade on Barner/Randle/Butler.

  • boom goes the dynamite gave up
  • Dobson, Aaron NEP WR
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 6.08
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.03
Sat Feb 22-
Looking over boom's trade bait listing, it occurred to me that, like myself, when guys list players on Trade Bait it usually means they are eager to move them and therefore will "sell low". This was boom's counter to some of my offers and represented good value, mainly because it netted me the 3rd college pick I had been seeking to maximize my full taxi squad space. More players equals more opportunity to "hit" on a fantasy stud.

  • Clock KillerZ gave up
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.03
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.04
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 3.07
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 4.04
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 5.06
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 1.12
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.01
  • Year 2014 Draft Pick 6.12
Wed Feb 12-
This trade probably shouldn't have gone through. It turned a 2.12 college pick into a top 6 pick and netted me a few late rounders for moving 2 picks back 3 spots in the 2nd, which in my eyes was not all that much difference in the quality of players or flexibility for future trades.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Mission Statement
The goal of Los Macho Hombres is to have fun!
Hence the silly name and lucha libre mascot. In the past I have never been able to resist trading players I like in pursuit of winning. This always led to frustration as I gave up on talent that I had evaluated correctly before they broke out, for example Keenan Allen, Zac Stacy, Josh Gordon.
Or I traded away star players I liked to try to fill holes instead of relying on draft picks and patience, for example Drew Brees & Larry Fitzgerald. And in the end, I would end up being upset by a lesser team in the playoffs or the players I traded for would get injured and buyer's remorse would set in. So, with Los Macho Hombres, these rules are set in place.

#1-Draft players I like and want to root for in addition to talent evaluation.
I think the best players not only have physical ability, but are intelligent.
Intelligent players also seem to stay out of off the field trouble.
#2-No trading of these drafted players once they are on my team.
They can be dropped for waiver claims if they are fringe roster-worthy players.
Part of the fun of dynasty is building a team through drafting and following the careers of players.
I am allowed to trade picks for other picks, however.
#3-Go young with my startup draft selections, ideally age 25 or less.
In the past I have drafted players that were just past their prime (ex. RB's 27+ in age)
in an attempt to fill holes and have a balanced team to "win now". That led to regrets when,
even though I had some contribution from the older players, they really weren't the difference
between making or missing the playoffs- ex. Miles Austin, Ahmad Bradshaw, Frank Gore, etc.

1.1)-Traded back to 1.4 (1.1/3.1/5.1 for 1.4/2.9/4.9) because of internal debate over McCoy, Gordon, Bernard. Leaning Bernard, so I can trade back improving other picks and still get my guy hopefully. McCoy ended up being pick 1.1 [Clock Killerz]

1.4)-Traded back and up again (1.4/2.9/4.9/6.12 for 1.9/2.4/4.4/6.4) putting me in position to get Bernard plus a young WR1 with a higher 2nd. [Regulators]

1.9)-Giovani Bernard/RB/22 Waited a little nervously for Bernard, even though his ADP was around 1.13. Getting back a guy I drafted as a college player in my first Gold league and then traded away before the draft. Looking forward to following his career that I hope will follow the path of a Ray Rice or LeSean McCoy as a top PPR RB.

2.4)-Keenan Allen/WR/22 Same as Gio, I scouted/drafted Allen in my first devy dynasty league, traded him, regreted it, and wanted to get him back on my new startup team. I expect him to produce like a WR1 and drafted him as such, even though a little high.

2.12)-Traded up (2.12/4.4/6.4/9.1 for 2.7/4.7/6.7/9.6) [OC Eagles/Salsa Dancers]

2.7)-Randall Cobb/WR/24 With Cobb still on the board and knowing there would be nobody I really wanted on my team still available at 2.12 I was fortunate to get a trade up. Cobb is a player I enjoy watching, is intelligent, and competitive.

4.7)-Traded up (4.7/12.12 for 4.5/13.12) [boom goes the dynamite]

4.5)-Cam Newton/QB/25 My plan was to wait for a QB like RGIII or Kaepernick in round 6/7. But, when Cam dropped below his avg dynasty ADP, I traded up in front of Dung/Beer Thirty to get him. Newton is only a few months older than Luck and has been a top 10 QB since he entered the league despite a lack of surrounding talent. I look forward to watching him mature into an elite QB with experience and once Carolina drafts a few WR's- which they had better get at least one in the 2014 draft.

4.12)-Traded up (4.12,7.1,9.6 for 4.9,7.9,9.8) [Regulators]

4.9)-Michael Floyd/WR/24 Another young WR I was targeting and felt I couldn't wait and hope he would fall 4 spots further. I was targeting Floyd or Hopkins & Hopkins went at 4.3/39. Floyd's ADP was 26, so a small win to get him down at pick 45. Fitzgerald is back in 2014, which long-term is a good thing for Floyd to get another year with a strong mentor before hopefully becoming the Cards #1WR in 2015.

6.7)-Rueben Randle/WR/23 Andre Ellington was picked by Game Over two spots before this pick, and I was sick to my stomach. I had an offer on the table from Salsa Dancers (6.7/9.8/14.12 for 6.4/10.7/14.7) and instead of accepting I countered, so he made the pick. Randle was the best value at this spot (67) with an ADP of 57.5. I am not thrilled by his talent-level, but he is young and should be a solid #4WR for me.

7.9)-Traded up (7.9/9.8/10.12 for 6.8/11.9/12.4) [Regulators]

6.7)-Jordan Reed/TE/24 "On tilt" after the mistake that cost me Ellington, I made a "what the heck" trade with Regulators for the next pick and took Reed. His concussions are a big risk, but he is young with a high PPR ceiling at a position with not a lot of depth. The Redskins are hurting on defense so I don't see them drafting TE/WR high in the draft, making Reed RGIII's number 2 option after Garcon.

8.12)-Trade up (8.12/11.1 for 8.1/13.8) [boom goes the dynamite]

8.1)-Joique Bell/RB/28 Not thrilled with other RB's remaining, I traded up for the RB I found intriguing despite his advanced age for his position. Bell run's with passion, is in a time-share with Bush who misses games, and Bell hasn't had years of heavy workloads like most RB's his age. He could have 2 or 3 solid fantasy seasons as an older back ala Darren Sproles or Fred Jackson. We will see how this pick works out.

11.9)-Traded up (11.9/13.12/14.12 for 10.6/15.9/17.7) [Beer Thirty]

10.6)-Charles Clay/TE/25  Worried about "insurance" at TE with Jordan Reed's head concerns, I traded up to Clay's ADP to back-up Reed and be a FLEX option. I think he is one of the few weapons the Dolphins have and should match his 2013 production.

12.4)-Traded up (12.4/13.1/15.9 for 11.4/14.4/16.4) [Regulators]

11.4)-Dwayne Allen/TE/24  Debated between Clay & Allen at 10.6 and went Clay because Allen comes with his own injury baggage (hip surgery) and didn't like that much risk. But I like his intelligence, competitiveness, and that he has Luck as his QB. Now I feel like my TE position is well-rounded and deep with 3 viable options.

13.8)-Traded up (13.8/15.1 for 13.3/16.10) [Roughriders]

10.6)-Ben Roethlisberger/QB/32  Roethlisberger was the last QB assured of a rock solid starting spot that I liked. Manuel was available, but I think he will be replaced in a few drafts. Same with Alex Smith/Carson Palmer if their teams have a bad years.
Ironically ended up with Newton/Ben, my '13 QB's in the bad salary cap league I quit.

14.4)-Stedman Bailey/WR/23  Was pleased that Bailey fell to me as my WR5. He may not have size, but I think he displayed sure hands & good route running that could make him a solid PPR possession receiver. His fantasy upside goes up in smoke if the Rams take a WR high in the draft like Watkins or Evans.

16.4)-Benny Cunningham/RB/24 Another Ram that I think I like better than most because of familiarity with the home town team. Stacy seems to get beat up a lot, especially if the Rams continue his heavy workload. Cunningham will be a viable starter should Stacy go down as an above average backup.

16.10)-Traded up (16.10/16.12 for 16.5/17.12) [Game Over]

16.5)-Roy Helu/RB/25  Mining for gold in these low picks I acquired from so many trade-ups, I see Helu as a good upside gamble. Shanahan is out and Jay Gruden is in, which could mean increased playing time for Helu who is the better receiving back.
Had I remembered WR Marquess Wilson (16.9) at the time, he would've been my pick.

17.1)-Joseph Randle/RB/22 Less about my belief in Randle, more about my belief in Murray's injury-prone history and Jerry Jones persistence in giving his draft picks every opportunity to succeed.

17.7)-Kenjon Barner/RB/25 A pick I would probably change. Denard Robinson was probably the better gamble with bigger upside. Barner, while intelligent, is old for a rookie and possesses no spectacular traits.

17.12)-Brice Butler/WR/24 Plus= 6'3" and 213lbs. Minus= Plays for the Raiders.